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DNA Relationship Testing:

DNA relationship testing is a highly accurate and reliable method used to determine the genetic relationship between individuals. Whether establishing paternity, confirming siblingship, or identifying other familial connections, this test analyzes specific DNA markers to provide conclusive results.

Blood Draw for Laboratory, Reseach Study, and Private Testing:

Our blood draw services provide a convenient and professional solution for individuals needing blood samples collected for various purposes. Our experienced phlebotomists ensure a comfortable and efficient experience, whether you require blood tests for medical reasons, screenings, or other health assessments.

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Drug Testing:

Our comprehensive drug testing services cover hair, urine, and alcohol testing to meet various screening needs. We offer accurate and reliable results for individuals and organizations seeking substance abuse monitoring. Whether for pre-employment screenings, legal purposes, or personal reasons, our drug testing services provide thorough analysis with confidentiality and professionalism.

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