Blood Draw Services

Welcome to our comprehensive blood draw services page, where we offer professional, convenient, and reliable blood collection services tailored to meet various medical needs and requirements.

Blood Draw Services: Laboratory/ Reseach study/ Diagnostic Companies


We specialize in blood draw services tailored for research, laboratory, and diagnostic companies, ensuring swift and precise sample collection. Rely on our expert team to deliver dependable results tailored to your exact requirements. Take advantage of our convenient FedEx specimen kit pickup service directly from our office, eliminating the hassle of dropping off samples at…

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Blood Draw: NIPP (Non-Invasive Prenatal Pregnancy Testing) Collection only


Our specialized service focuses on providing blood draw services for mothers and oral swab collections for alleged fathers. You can leave transportation logistics to us; we’ll handle specimen preparation and arrange for FedEx or UPS to collect them. DNA companies are encouraged to make online appointment for their clients, along with the option for online…

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